HARI RAYA SALES: LOWEST PRICE HANDY RUGGED CABINET IN TOWN in Tampines Street 82, East Singapore for sale


HARI RAYA SALES AT S$78.00 FROM 9 JUNE 2015 TO 12 JUNE 2015 (price reverts to S$98.00 after 12 June 2015)
Handy Cabinet costing S$258.00 offers at rock bottom S$78.00. It is more rugged than most other cabinets and measures 22 inches width, 29 inches height, and 15.5 inches depth. The topmost layer is the table for your telephone or other things. The intermediate layer (top half) is an extendable table for your telefax or other gadgets. The second half of the cabinet is a two door cabinet for keeping your directories, stationery and other accessories. It is of light pink orange colour that easily matches any environment. All power and signal cables have ease of access from the back of the cabinet. It is in good condition (see picture attached), presentable in the eyes of any visitors! Strike when the iron is hot: a unique opportunity to get a durable handy cabinet at the most attractive price! Just pay S$78.00 in hard currency to self-collect the cabinet.
You need to self-collect this magnificent wardrobe upon paying S$78.00 cash (hard currency only) on a FIRST COME FIRST SERVE basis. MADE YOUR RESERVATION EARLY TO SECURE THIS SUPERB WARDROBE NOW! If you need delivery we can arrange for you. Otherwise you can contact our neutral delivery service directly so that we can pass the cost savings to you. Do not miss this rare opportunity!