ROCK BOTTOM CLEARANCE SALES:POSH DRESSING TABLE FOR GRAB (S$118) in Tampines Street 82, East Singapore for sale


ROCK BOTTOM CLEARANCE SALES AT S$118.00 (price reverts back to 218.00 after 15 June 2015)
Your dream to rejoice doing your make-up with a shining mirror of a posh looking dressing table set arrives. Yes, your mass saving comes to at least 90 percent. You pay only S$118.00. This is a rare opportunity to look posh with the least investment!
This quality dressing set is in perfect condition retailing at S$1199.00 but selling at only S$118.00. The light orange-peach colour of the dressing set is soothing and matches any environment! This opportunity only comes once in a blue moon. The overall size is of width of 56 inches (that is 35 inches width table plus 21 inches width drawers set) x depth of 15 inches x height of 72 inches (top most point of mirror). The dressing set consists of
(i) absolutely shining mirror surface 32 inches height x 24.5 inches width,
(ii) one table with one built-in drawer of 35 inches width, 15 inches depth, and 28 inches height,
(iii) one set of three drawers of overall 21 inches width, 15 inches depth, and 28 inches height,
(iv) one chair, and
(v) drawers set keys.
The owner is moving elsewhere: therefore the reason for the give away offer. When you compare all other dressing sets, you can never find one so splendid as this for S$118.00! Please self-collect the quality dressing set and pay hard currency of S$118.00. Estimated delivery charge: S$80.00 to S$118.00 depending on where you live. You can contact our neutral delivery service directly. Yes, we extend all cost savings to you. FIRST COME FIRST SERVE: HIGH INTEGRITY INDIVIDUALS OF ALL NATIONALITIES WELCOME. MAKE YOUR RESERVATION EARLY TO OWN THIS LOW COST HIGH QUALITY DRESSING SET. You can reserve by paying via DBS/POSB electronic fund transfer, pay in person or use other feasible alternatives.